Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabulous Carvings by Thomas McPhee

These carvings are done by Thomas McPhee which is one of the top three leading stone/mineral carvers in the world today.
This carving is a profile done on quartz crystal. This one has no "mythological" story - it is a youth that captures both innocence and beauty. QUARTZ PROFILE measures 1 & 7/8th inches long and 2 & 1/8th inches wide.
Price: $4,500

This carving is of the Greek god "Pan", done on "blue tiger eye" .
PAN measures 2 & 3/16th inches long x 1 & 1/2 inches wide at the top and 1 inch wide at the bottom.
Price: $4,300

A bit of information about Pan:

There are many ancient myths about Pan. One myth that may be used to illustrate several themes is the traditional Chinese creation myth. This is the myth of Pan-gu (also known as P'an-ku). There are written texts of this myth going back to the 6th century and there are parts of Southern China where the cult of P'an Ku still persists. The most common form of the myth is as follows : The first living thing was P'an Ku. He evolved inside a gigantic cosmic egg, which contained all the elements of the universe totally intermixed together. P'an Ku grew by about 10 feet each day. As he grew he separated the earth and the Sky within the egg. At the same time he gradually separated the many opposites in nature, male and female, wet and dry, light and dark, Yin and Yang. These were all originally totally commingled in the egg. While he grew he also created the first humans. After 18,000 years the egg hatched and P'an Ku died from the effort of creation. From his eyes the sun and moon appeared, from his sweat, rain and dew, from his voice, thunder, and from his body all the natural features of the earth arose.

If anyone is interested in these let me know right away before they are gone.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kalama Trip

I went on a rock dig to get Carnelian in Kalama, Wa. Here are some of the pictures, notice how wet and dirty I got. The kids had fun and Todd & I worked really hard, we are still sore, but we got some beautiful pieces. We did not find the quantity that we did last time, but each dig is different. I did get messier then usual, lol. Enjoy the pictures. I will be bringing in rough pieces to the shop to sell, perfect for tumbling.