Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rock Tables that look like actual food

I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile.  In September of 2010 I went to a show in Denver with Todd and we saw this amazing set up.  They had set up a couple tables and said that you were to pick out the one thing that was not a rock and was actuallly edible on it.  Everything looked like food, we could not do it.  It turned out to be rock candy in a dish.  This had quite the crowd of people trying to figure it out, to no avail.  Check these pictures out, I have since seen this set up at many shows and it is always amazing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BazArt Fine Arts and Crafts Show

BazArt Fine Arts & Craft Show

I will be at the upcoming Bazaar in Maple Valley - last one of the season. Lots of fabulous handmade gifts perfect for the holidays. Mark your calender and tell all of your friends. Support local.!!

4th Annual BazArt Fine Arts and Crafts Show

Saturday, December 3 at 10:00am - 5:00pm at Maple Valley Creative Arts Center.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hollywood Schoolhouse Christmas Boutique

Hollywood Schoolhouse Christmas Boutique

Hollywood Schoolhouse
Woodinville, WA
11/9 – 11/13
Wed 7-9, Thurs - Sat 10-9

This show is fabulous - approx 60+ different crafters everything from, handmade jewelry, quilts, handmade ornaments, pet stuff, wood crafts, soaps, hats, gloves, scarves, everything that you can imagine.  Handmade gifts of all kinds perfect for Christmas gifts or something special for yourself.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rock Creek Holiday Bazaar - this Saturday Nov 5th

Saturday I am in a holiday bazaar in Maple Valley at Rock Creek from 10- 4. I will have my jewelry, some stones from my shop and my beaded and fun fur gloves. Fun fun fun.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rock Club Shed Work Party

Here are some pictures of the recent Rock Club Shed Work Party. We hauled alot of dirt, packed it down with feet, shovels and racked it around. We moved huge cement blocks, buckets of rocks, wood and more. Nails were pounded, wood & dirt flew around. Lots of sweat, but we did get a nice food break since this was a potluck. Some even passed around an icepack to cool us off. Lots of great food then back to work. We worked about 9 hours total, including hauling buckets and break time. Enjoy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Earthlight News

Hi Everyone, 9/26/11
I just got back in town from Denver, mostly unpacked.
I have saved a bunch of new things aside for my upcoming show on October 22nd- 23rd at Vasa Park - fliers in the shop with address, map and hours.

This is a fun show for all, free parking and free admission- lots of vendors, demonstrations, and raffle’s.
I have many new finds that I have never seen before that will be at this show- it is a must see to get first pick. I will bring in what is leftover from the show into the shop for those that do not make it in.

I do have many new things that are in the shop right now. check it out - many things selling fast.

Azeztulite- Red/Gold Azeztulite, Red Azeztulite, Azeztulite, Himalayan Gold Azeztulite
Gaia Stone - (Helenite from Mt. St Helens)
Healers gold- new hearts
Moldavite- raw pieces & fabulous jewelry faceted and raw jewelry
Libyan gold tektite- raw
Lapis - tumbled
Labradorite- Slabs,beads, bookends - wow got to see
Petrified Wood- bookends
Carnelian- tumbled, palm pieces and free form polished pieces
Bytownite - also known as Golden Labradorite
Gaspiete- raw
Garnets- polished and gorgeous crystals
Garnet- sphere- only1
Apatite- blue tumbled, and raw pieces
Merkabite Calcite- almost gone
Bloodstone- beads
Aquamarine- beads - round and chips
Agni gold Danburite- almost gone
Eudialyte- palm pieces - going fast
Serafinite- palm pieces - going fast
Dumortierite- tumbled
Chrysocolla- tumbled
Ammonite- Large Pair polished, 3-D polished pieces, Jewelry
Citrine- tumbled, raw points
Siberian Blue Quartz- 1- cobalt piece
Sunshine Aura Quartz- clusters
Aqua Aura Quartz- clusters
Celestite- large crystal cluster
Scolecite- palms and polished
Carved Hedgehog- out of Kabama Jasper
Copper- larger pieces with color flash on them from water process
Copper- bookends- only 2-pairs
Merlinite- polished pieces
Lithium included Quartz- nice palm medium size crystals
Blue Quartz - fabulous quartz with blue tourmaline included
Ocean Jasper- polished, and beads
Picture Jasper- beads - sold already
Polychrome Jasper
Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite
Fossil Lovers - Must see 4- fabulous very rare unusual Trilobites large museum quality
Fossilized Shark Teeth, Snaggletooth, and Megladon (even 1-with pyrite)
Chrysanthemum Stones- new fabulous palm pieces
Ajoite Polished pieces- perfect for jewelry and gorgeous
Amazonite- tumbled
Amber- with bugs and polished
Lemurian Jade- tumbled
Sodalite- carved Dolphin
Carved blue twin dolphins with blk calcite base
Blue Calcite- dreamy dark Sphere, Hearts, and 1 of a kind fabulous large Bowl
Owyhee blue Opal- lovely small polished pieces
Larimar - jewelry
Herkimer Diamonds- jewelry - even earrings & 1- ring
Scapolite- new fabulous Orange color
Golden Lemurians- only 2
Rose Quartz- spheres and palms
Watermelon Tourmaline - fabulous pair, sold separately
Lepidolite Mica
Mookaite Jasper- tumbled
Sonora Sunrise- raw and polished slab
Heulandite- from Brazil - gorgeous- only 1
Charoite- large polished slab, palm pieces - beautiful
Skulls- New Quartz Skulls- only a couple going fast - 1-citrine
Beads- all kinds, chips of all kinds, even dragon blood jasper beads
Drilled Quartz crystal points- natural, small and large
Sage- wrapped bundles raw for smudging
Abalone shells - gorgeous perfect for incense burning
Obsidian - rainbow sphere - 1- new large one
Pipestone- red & black perfect for carving
Red Spinel - in marble from Vietnam, gorgeous - only a few
Auralite 23- sold out already, within moments of unwrapping- I will get more in stock
Oco slices
Geo Shapes- in nice box- only a couple left going fast
Carved Quartz - shaped into Merk star
Ruby Fuchsite - tumbled
Peace signs - new ones for jewelry
Boji Stones- a couple large connected ones
Dichroic glass beads
Tsarvorite- raw and gemmy ones for faceting
Soft Flex- Nylon Coated stainless steel wire for beading (new)- sold by foot or yard
Leather- new sold by yard, or finished cord necklaces for pendants to be put on
Linen Cord - new sold by yard, or finished cord necklaces for pendants to be put on
Lobster clasps, crimps and more
Dognuts- many stones- even Lemon Chysoprase
Astrophyllite- raw pieces with the nice gold blades
Ametrine- AA+ Quality spheres
Red Kyanite- new fabulous large pieces
Petalite- more raw stock
Vivianite- fabulous cluster- gorgeous
Malachite- tumbled
Tree Agate
Pyrite- heart, eggs, spheres
Tiffany Stone- drilled for pendants
Much much more- too many to name them all
Don’t forget to go Christmas shopping early for best selection -also we can make custom jewelry for your loved ones with one of a kind stones.
Thanks again for supporting your local Rock Shop & don't forget to keep a smile in your heart & rocks in your pocket.

Kim Lewis

Earthlight, Inc.
46 Lakeshore Plaza
Kirkland, WA. 98033
ph# 425-828-3872
Tues-Sat. - hours - 11:30-6:30
Sunday - hours 12:00 - 5:00

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back from Denver - got Engaged

I flew back from Denver in the morning, from my buying trip for the rock shop for the Christmas season. Todd took me out to a very special dinner at the Space Needle. That was a first for me, I am afraid of heights, I had to hold on tight in the elevator. Luckily the table was not too close to the edge. During the evening he proposed - it was so romantic, here is a picture of the beautiful ring. Alexanderite in the middle, with diamonds on the outside and emeralds surrounding them. Five stones - my birthday is the fifth month. The Alexanderite has gorgeous color change, and varies from green to light blue. Emerald is my birthstone. The perfect ring from the perfect guy. I am so happy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Drusy Quartz - rock dig in Wyoming

In July I went to Wyoming with members of the rock club that I belong to. Following are some pictures from one of the many places we went to. This is a Site in Wyoming, that we got drusy quartz, some with blue drusy quartz and many more colors. The ground was covered with lichen of many colors and the scenery was gorgeous, but it was hot, windy and covered with mosquitoes.

Fish Fossil Quarry - dig in Wyoming

In July I went to Wyoming with members of the rock club that I belong to. Following are some pictures from one of the many places we went to. This is a Fossil Quarry in Wyoming, mostly fish fossils are at this site, but others as well. They charge $40.00 an hour per person to dig at this quarry, and it is not so easy. It was a good experience though.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Huge Crystal

Check out this Huge Crystal in my shop right now. It is approx. 28 Kilos. from Brazil. A little damage at the top, but gorgeous.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wyoming Rock Dig - Star Crinoids

I went on a rock dig with members of my rock club - we met in Wyoming and this is one of the digs we went on. We drove out to this site with our tour guide and climbed up this rock Hill/Mtn. We collected Star Crinoids - look for the tiny stars on the rocks. These are tiny star looking fossils, along with some clams and other fossils were on the rocks. These were really cool, but we had to look out for the ticks, scorpions and also rattlesnakes. I saw ticks, another member saw scorpions, but no snakes thank goodness. I have some of these in my rock shop now, so much fun.