Monday, March 2, 2009

Breathing Sucks

I have been sick all weekend, it started as a cold, then a bad sinus cold. I woke up Saturday even worse, all of the congestion went into my lungs. Breathing sucks - really really sucks. I have now pulled all of the muscles across my upper back from coughing. I was in bed all weekend. I have a nebulizer which I used along with my usual medication/inhalers. I of course did not sleep well, I can't breath - duh - hence no sleep. I also cough when I lay down, I hate sleeping sitting up.

My voice has changed it is now all deep and quiet, because I am sick. Some people think it is sexy, but I don't. I am talking all low and quiet because I have no air function not because I think your hot. lol People are weird.

My veins were collapsing in Urgent care, they could not get an IV in to do the blood work and give me Steroids. After four different trys and two nurses. They gave up, did the blood draw with a butterfly kids needle - too small for an IV, then gave me a show of steroids in the butt. So much fun. I also had three more treatments at Urgent care even though I just had one before I left just to be able to get there.

I am so drugged up now. They have me on 7 prescriptions, from mass inhalers, to antibiotics, to Steroids( predisone), cough syrup, and much more. Oh and I got chewed out at the end upon release, they let me know in not so many words that I need to call 911 next time and not wait so long, they said I was lucky they didn't have to intibate me. I guess I will have to plan out being sick on the week days, it is much more convenient then the weekend when everything is closed.

So you may think it is all easy to breathe, and you don't think about it, but sometimes it just plain sucks.


alwaysadorable said...

Holy sickness, batman!!! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Kim if I gave this crud to you through the blog I am so sorry...mine is finally getting better you will too. Next time just breath heavily on those idiots at Urgent Care....
For a litte fun when you are feeling better I have tagged you with a blog award. Just go to my blog for the rules...have fun with it....Get better real soon...

kimforbeads said...

Baroness, that is so sweet,
I will work on that later on in the week, when I can breathe a little better.
Thanks so much.