Saturday, June 20, 2009

My mom died today

I have been practically living at the hospitals, my mom just passed this morning. She is not suffering any more. She died in her sleep, under alot of medication at the hospital. She didn't feel any pain. My mom was the best mom ever, I hope everyone realizes how great their moms are. The hospital told my mom on her birthday Thursday that she had approx. 2-days. She was asleep for the last day and a half. She had stage four melanoma (metastasized) cancer for the past 7 years. The original skin cancer was 17 years ago. She fought so hard, she beat all of the odds, did all of the treatment and much more. I will miss her so much, I feel that my heart is broke into a million pieces.

My dad is still in ICU and just had more surgeries yesterday, I could not even be there for him. I was with my mom at her hospital. I am going to visit him tonight, even though he is probably still sedated from his two surgeries yesterday.

Times are sure tough.

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