Monday, December 14, 2009

New Website Finally Up

Hi everyone,
I finally got my new website up for my Rock Shop in Kirkland, it has been around for 21 years. I will be listing alot more on it, of course the store has many many more items then on the web site, but it is looking great.

check it out.,


Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,
I just came across you blog for the first time...and I first want to tell you that I am so sorry you lost your mother this year!!! I know that it must surely be affecting this Christmas for you and your dad, and rest of the family. Please accept my deepest sympathy and my prayers for a peace that passes all understanding for you!!! I also hope your dad is better from his surgeries. Wow...When it rains it pours. But I pray that you are going to have a good night tonight and tomorrow..The best to all. I will look at the rest of your blog..just had to say this! :)

Julie said...

Hello Kim!

I think we met today at the rock shop. :) I'm the girl with the new crazy last name who bought the ametrine sphere.

I love the website, and will definitely be stopping by the store for gemstones more often!

Hope 2010 is the start of a wonderful decade for you!