Monday, August 8, 2011

Cedar Ponds Rock Dig

In June I went with other members of our rock club and we went to Cedar ponds or Stubbs Hill as it is sometimes called. I was lucky enough to find a fabulous Red Jasper seam and we all took turns getting our share. I had two full buckets to lug back almost 2 miles in a bucket with wheels. As you can see I blew out the bottom of the bucket, this made it a very hard treck back to the car. I mostly had to drag the big green bucket as the two white buckets were stacked inside and mostly sitting on the wheels thru the broken out bottom. We even found some frogs on the trail up to the dig, I have a photo of one of them, along with other pictures from the Dig.


Jan said...

Wow! Can I join your club Kim? lol. Looks like you hit paydirt with your Jasper haul and that is wonderful, even if you did have an arduous return aka broken bucket.


ps I've missed you not being at your shop. Are you back?

kimforbeads said...

I am back, anyone can join the rock club we have a dig coming up, I can't go, but you can if you want. Email me and I will forward you the email I have on the next trip, and the link to the rock club.
Thanks Kim

Jan said...

I wouldn't want to go without you Kim, but thanks for responding & thanks for reading my bookstore blog. I like that you left a message/comment there: my boss reads those. Thanks! :D