Monday, March 19, 2012

Pictures from Tucson

Here is a huge Shiva Lingam!

Fabulous - crate size Amethyst cluster.

Todd posing with huge Amethyst cluster.

Trilobite fossil plate, see how big they are.

Ok not rock related, but cool transformer we saw at Tucson at a show for sale.

Ok this really shows how big these geodes are.

Huge Amethyst Geode, see how big.

Todd smiling with Crate full of Amethyst.

Fabulous Druzy Quartz Geode.

Tons of Large Shiva Lingams.

These art pieces spin, each section spins seperately.  Amazingly cool.

Petrified wood, with Huge Obsidian sphere.

Another Fabulous spinning work or rock art.

Wonderful Ammolite- love the size and colors.

Large Bone Clones of Dinosaur

Huge Selenite - gorgeous.

Love Dragons, cool carving.

Wonderful Large clusters, and sun.

Todd with a wonderful Lapis sculpture.

Azurite - so amazing

But I was kind of freaked.

OOOH he is chasing me. These were at Tucson.  Could not resist pictures with them.

As you can see Todd & I had lots of fun, it was alot of work but we took a few small moments like these for some pictures to share with the rest of you.

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Jan said...

Wowee Kim! Amazing, incredible, wonderful, and somewhat unbelievable. Good post. :D