Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back in Town-Diagnosis

Hey after being at the Mayo clinic all week, we are back in town. They did tons of test and procedures. They have come up with some answers, but not all. The specialist said that she would not necessarily call it Cancer, but that she thinks he has some obscure kind, not identified yet, of Lymphoma. They also found a bacteria living in his gut that was spreading the disease to other areas instead of just inside of his intestines. It is proliferating, I think was the word she used. He is on a four pack of antibiotics and such to get rid of that and hopefully stop the spreading or proliferating. She has sent all of the findings to our Doctor at the
U of Washington, and said that he needs surgery right away. Hopefully we will be able to schedule that without too much of a delay or a hassle. We did find out that he has been misdiagnosed for 7 years by more then one Doctor. If after the surgery the masses of lymph growths come back then they will consider him as having Castleman disease and then he will need radiation/chemo. Lets hope the surgery does a good enough job to tide him over for awhile, he is not ready for Chemo, or Radiation. I am so glad we went to the Mayo clinic, it was quite the adventure, but they were so willing to help and find answers - it was like having a Doctor that cared. Isn't that what we all want, someone to care for us and our family like we care for them.
Thanks everyone for your prayers and loving thoughts. It is always helpful in times like these.


SewMuchDetail said...

I will pray that your husband will heal and strengthen every day.......

thecraftbegins said...

Goodness, I hope that everything is ok!