Thursday, February 19, 2009

Waiting Room

Hi Everyone,
My daughter & I have been sitting in the waiting room all afternoon waiting for (Dad- my husband), we took a break for lunch. He should be out in about an hour. They just let us know that they finished with his Colonoscopy, we only have to wait a little longer. It is hard to entertain an 8yr old when she is bored out of her mind. lol - She got tired of doing all of the things we brought to do in the waiting room. Good thing she is a good kid, and that they have computers. She is on a Hanna Montana site, doing a manicure. Well I know we will be going out for dinner tonight, my husband has not eaten in days and was starving when he went in for his procedure. He is planning on eating dinner, then a really early breakfast. He can't eat after 6:00 am because he has an MRI tomorrow. We have an appt Friday night (tomorrow) to hopefully go over the three days worth of tests and procedures. They will hopefully have answers and solutions, and they will let us know if we will get to go home on Saturday or if we are staying until next week.

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