Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sneak Peak at Mineral Market Show in Seattle

Here is a sneak peak at a few things I will be bringing to the Mineral Market Show in Seattle at Lake City Center on May 22nd. I have information about this show on my website. WWW.earthlightgems.com

Youngite with Druzy, Selenite Ball, Marcasite Stalagtite.
This Marcasite Stalagtite, is very long, the longest I have ever seen.
This is a very large polished FreeForm Labradorite, it has a gorgeous blue flash.
Ok this picture does not do this justice it is a gorgeous huge cluster of Green Fluorite.
Fabulous Amethyst Crystal Cluster with a carved stand made to fit.
This is an upclose picture of the Large Selenite Ball, so cool.
This picture has some more marcasite stalagtites, a fabulous druzy cluster, and some Aquamarine specimens with Muscuvite
This is a huge slab of polished specular hematite, along with a blue cluster of Fluorite.
Ok so I love this Rhodocrosite freeform polished dish, so beautiful. I also have a very nice smokey quartz and a gorgeous stibnite.
This picture has a fabulous smokey septer, Lapis, Druzy cluster,Pink/Purple Fluorite, and a sample of one of the spinel pieces I am bringing.

I will have two tables and a lot of things as back stock to fill in as things sell. This is a don't miss show. I will be waiting to bring these items into the shop until after the show, so don't miss out. Alot of the things I am bringing are one of a kind items, and I may not ever see them again.


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Love your photos...

Hali said...

How are you getting such wonderful beautiful gems. Lucky...

kimforbeads said...

I have my ways. lol