Monday, September 12, 2011

Drusy Quartz - rock dig in Wyoming

In July I went to Wyoming with members of the rock club that I belong to. Following are some pictures from one of the many places we went to. This is a Site in Wyoming, that we got drusy quartz, some with blue drusy quartz and many more colors. The ground was covered with lichen of many colors and the scenery was gorgeous, but it was hot, windy and covered with mosquitoes.


Jan said...

Hey Kim,
How's your summer treating you? It seems that fall is fast approaching ... my favorite time of year.
Be well,

kimforbeads said...

Things are going great, I just got back from Denver, my pallet should arrive this week. Lots of shows coming up, some rock shows and some Jewelry. Also I got engaged last night, things are going wonderful.
Keep in touch

thanks again