Monday, September 26, 2011

Earthlight News

Hi Everyone, 9/26/11
I just got back in town from Denver, mostly unpacked.
I have saved a bunch of new things aside for my upcoming show on October 22nd- 23rd at Vasa Park - fliers in the shop with address, map and hours.

This is a fun show for all, free parking and free admission- lots of vendors, demonstrations, and raffle’s.
I have many new finds that I have never seen before that will be at this show- it is a must see to get first pick. I will bring in what is leftover from the show into the shop for those that do not make it in.

I do have many new things that are in the shop right now. check it out - many things selling fast.

Azeztulite- Red/Gold Azeztulite, Red Azeztulite, Azeztulite, Himalayan Gold Azeztulite
Gaia Stone - (Helenite from Mt. St Helens)
Healers gold- new hearts
Moldavite- raw pieces & fabulous jewelry faceted and raw jewelry
Libyan gold tektite- raw
Lapis - tumbled
Labradorite- Slabs,beads, bookends - wow got to see
Petrified Wood- bookends
Carnelian- tumbled, palm pieces and free form polished pieces
Bytownite - also known as Golden Labradorite
Gaspiete- raw
Garnets- polished and gorgeous crystals
Garnet- sphere- only1
Apatite- blue tumbled, and raw pieces
Merkabite Calcite- almost gone
Bloodstone- beads
Aquamarine- beads - round and chips
Agni gold Danburite- almost gone
Eudialyte- palm pieces - going fast
Serafinite- palm pieces - going fast
Dumortierite- tumbled
Chrysocolla- tumbled
Ammonite- Large Pair polished, 3-D polished pieces, Jewelry
Citrine- tumbled, raw points
Siberian Blue Quartz- 1- cobalt piece
Sunshine Aura Quartz- clusters
Aqua Aura Quartz- clusters
Celestite- large crystal cluster
Scolecite- palms and polished
Carved Hedgehog- out of Kabama Jasper
Copper- larger pieces with color flash on them from water process
Copper- bookends- only 2-pairs
Merlinite- polished pieces
Lithium included Quartz- nice palm medium size crystals
Blue Quartz - fabulous quartz with blue tourmaline included
Ocean Jasper- polished, and beads
Picture Jasper- beads - sold already
Polychrome Jasper
Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite
Fossil Lovers - Must see 4- fabulous very rare unusual Trilobites large museum quality
Fossilized Shark Teeth, Snaggletooth, and Megladon (even 1-with pyrite)
Chrysanthemum Stones- new fabulous palm pieces
Ajoite Polished pieces- perfect for jewelry and gorgeous
Amazonite- tumbled
Amber- with bugs and polished
Lemurian Jade- tumbled
Sodalite- carved Dolphin
Carved blue twin dolphins with blk calcite base
Blue Calcite- dreamy dark Sphere, Hearts, and 1 of a kind fabulous large Bowl
Owyhee blue Opal- lovely small polished pieces
Larimar - jewelry
Herkimer Diamonds- jewelry - even earrings & 1- ring
Scapolite- new fabulous Orange color
Golden Lemurians- only 2
Rose Quartz- spheres and palms
Watermelon Tourmaline - fabulous pair, sold separately
Lepidolite Mica
Mookaite Jasper- tumbled
Sonora Sunrise- raw and polished slab
Heulandite- from Brazil - gorgeous- only 1
Charoite- large polished slab, palm pieces - beautiful
Skulls- New Quartz Skulls- only a couple going fast - 1-citrine
Beads- all kinds, chips of all kinds, even dragon blood jasper beads
Drilled Quartz crystal points- natural, small and large
Sage- wrapped bundles raw for smudging
Abalone shells - gorgeous perfect for incense burning
Obsidian - rainbow sphere - 1- new large one
Pipestone- red & black perfect for carving
Red Spinel - in marble from Vietnam, gorgeous - only a few
Auralite 23- sold out already, within moments of unwrapping- I will get more in stock
Oco slices
Geo Shapes- in nice box- only a couple left going fast
Carved Quartz - shaped into Merk star
Ruby Fuchsite - tumbled
Peace signs - new ones for jewelry
Boji Stones- a couple large connected ones
Dichroic glass beads
Tsarvorite- raw and gemmy ones for faceting
Soft Flex- Nylon Coated stainless steel wire for beading (new)- sold by foot or yard
Leather- new sold by yard, or finished cord necklaces for pendants to be put on
Linen Cord - new sold by yard, or finished cord necklaces for pendants to be put on
Lobster clasps, crimps and more
Dognuts- many stones- even Lemon Chysoprase
Astrophyllite- raw pieces with the nice gold blades
Ametrine- AA+ Quality spheres
Red Kyanite- new fabulous large pieces
Petalite- more raw stock
Vivianite- fabulous cluster- gorgeous
Malachite- tumbled
Tree Agate
Pyrite- heart, eggs, spheres
Tiffany Stone- drilled for pendants
Much much more- too many to name them all
Don’t forget to go Christmas shopping early for best selection -also we can make custom jewelry for your loved ones with one of a kind stones.
Thanks again for supporting your local Rock Shop & don't forget to keep a smile in your heart & rocks in your pocket.

Kim Lewis

Earthlight, Inc.
46 Lakeshore Plaza
Kirkland, WA. 98033
ph# 425-828-3872
Tues-Sat. - hours - 11:30-6:30
Sunday - hours 12:00 - 5:00

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