Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guitar Hero = Family time

Does anyone else play Guitar Hero? We have the drums, vocals (mic) and guitar. I can do the drums and the vocals. Not fabulous, but not bad. My daughter and I trade drums or vocals which ever, she gets to choose. She is only 8yrs old, so some songs she doesn't like to sing. Her favorite song is Eye of the Tiger. She also loves, Livin on a Prayer, Love me two Times, Heartbreaker, and a few others I can't recall. My husband can do it all, but gets stuck doing the guitar mostly, because us girls want to sing & drum. We have not got to play very much lately, but every now and then we get a set in. A set is 6 songs that we select. I like to do a gig with the band we made, it is more challenging, because we do not get to pick all our songs, we just pick a gig. Oh the name of the band is very funny, my husband came up with it
(Mental Constipation). What do you think funny huh. It is good to get our minds off of troubles & have some family time & fun.


Audrey said...

We don't have guitar hero - but my sons friend does and apparently is quite good. Sounds like a good family time!

JulieAnnA said...

i'm all about the drums! i don't have the courage to do vocals though. ;]

kimforbeads said...

Really, Vocals are my favorite, but I have to talk my daughter out of them to get to do them. She loves them also.

Jay said...

I have just started learning to play guitar online at and need all the help I can get.