Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend was Great

I had a wonderful Mothers Day, I got to go out to dinner & see a movie (Wolverine) on Friday after my show. On Saturday after my show I went to a family reception. My show went great both days and my daughter (8yrs old) danced and had a ball at the reception. Then on Sunday we got to go out to breakfast and then I got to bead during the day. I also went to my moms house and gave her a wonderful mothers day basket full of spa goodies and such, she loved it.
We visited with some family that came from out of town for the family wedding, that was fun. To top the whole weekend off, I didn't have to cook my husband did, which is really rare now adays. I also received two wonderful handmade cards from both of my kids ( 20yrs old & 8yrs old) and they were so well thought out, they both made me cry.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day.

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lyptis said...

Ah, sounds like u had a really nice day!
So sweet of ur kids to give u some nice cards!

U sound really busy also!:)