Saturday, May 30, 2009

You wont even believe this.

So if you read my last blog regarding Hospital Woes, you will know my family is going thru tough times.

My mom was sent home earlier in the week from the hospital, it only lasted one day and she was sent back for even more serious problems. The day she originally got out, my dad was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. I just got back from visiting my husband at the hospital, and I had a message that my dad had a heart attack & a seizure. They said he had maybe 8 hrs to live. I hurried p/u my daughter from school and rushed to the hospital, an hour away. I called the hospital on the way and was told that he was more stable and had turned a corner. They said that he had not had a heart attack. He did have the seizure, and has been in ICU for four days now. So the next day I had my Dad, Mom & husband all in different hospitals. Way too much stress. I had to pull our daughter out of school the next day. There was no way I could get on the bus, visit three different hospitals not in town and make it back in time to pick her up.

My husband is now home, but my mom & dad are both still in the hospital. My dad is still in ICU, but he has obviously a better outcome then originally thought. He is expected to move to a regular section tomorrow, hopefully.

I have not had sleep in two days - (since my husband has been out), he is in so much pain that he has me trying to keep him comfortable, getting his meds, and just listening to him suffer all night.

I understand, I am just really really tired.
I hope everyone else is having a better time of it. Oh and by the way I didn't get the job from last weeks interview. Things have to get better.

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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Things will get better you just have to hang in there..I'm glad you Dad's outcome was better than first thought. I have you in my prayer. I know you are in a hard place right now but it will end and things will come back together again..Hugs...