Friday, October 10, 2008

Do you know what a BNS is?

BNS probably stands for many things, but I am going to talk about a term that is used on Etsy.
Etsy is a website which promotes handmade artists as well as suppliers & others who sell vintage.

I have an Etsy website as many many other artists do, you can check it out if you like @ I have beaded jewelry of all kinds, beaded bags, beaded bugs, beaded gloves & much more.

On Etsy they have many things to help promote other artists and also your own website. One of them is a BNS ( thread- (line of communication) ). BNS stands for Buy & Stay, basically it starts out with one or more website (shop) and then when someone that sells on Etsy buys from one of the shops listed you also get added to the Buy & Stay list.

While on the list you promote other shops & yourself, and keep the Thread- (lines of communication) open for others to see. Since it is a BNS- you do not get bumped off of the list when you have a sale. It is great to get to know new people & new shops & also to promote sales and new products & what you have for others to buy.

I am in two BNS right now so check them out here is today's thread

Here is the other one.

- Most threads change daily or every couple days. The list is always updating. If you do not check in or promote on the BNS you will be bumped for your lack of participation.

Have fun shopping. I personally have not seen alot of sales from these BNS yet, but I hope to soon, and I have meet alot of fun shops & great people.

Have fun & check everyone out on these BNS- maybe you will want to join us.
Enjoy - P.S. Christmas is coming.


MaryMarsh said...

Thanks for explaining! I actually wasn't too sure what it really was! :)

Clippy Hut said...

Great explanation! Hope you get more sales from it.

dvinedesigns said...

Great Blog Kim! Love it!!

We have the best BnS ever!!! Come on over and Buy and Stay!! Check out my store - Ill over you free shipping on all the Jewelry!