Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Son is turning 20.!

On Oct 2nd my son is turning 20 yrs old, he is now engaged as of last Thursday and no she is not pregnant. He is really young though, they plan on being engaged for about a year, I hope longer so that they can mature more. He is also moving out on his birthday with one of his buddies. He quit his job - so that he can look for a new one closer to where he will be living. Yes he quit his job before finding a new one. Kids never learn, I am worried in these tough economic times he may have trouble finding a new job. A lot of changes are happening to him this week and I can't even believe it. If I had that many changes happening all at once I don't think I could handle it so well. But I am older (not that old) but older and set in my ways, I am sure you know what I mean. lol
I got married at 18- and was pregnant with him, I am still married - but it was not easy to say the very least. I hope he has an easier time of it then we have had. This is a hard year to be starting fresh on your own, with no set idea of your future. We will see how things go & hope for the very best for him on his Birthday and all of the days after that.


TheresaJ said...

Mine are 19 and 22, and I blog about them and issues regarding life changes and such often, especially lately, mixed in with jewelry and creative stuff. He'll be fine -- sounds like he has a very loving and supportive Mom.

kim* said...

yeah marriage is a choice...when someone gets married they choose to love each other...its not about falling in and out of love.