Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feature in the Little Black Box

Have you heard of the little black box, well if you have not - you should. They are a great company that helps out all of who make handmade arts & crafts. Check out the website. I will be in the October boxes, which go on sale tomorrow the 24th. Don't miss out artists of all kinds and from all over in the USA, send in samples of their work (promos) along with a business card, in hopes to reach some new people. They advertise your shop on the month you will be in the box, this is a great opportunity & I hope to get a lot of new customers. I shipped out over $200. of merchandise- at no charge for the opportunity to meet some new people. I will give you a preview of what I sent. I sent lots of beaded bugs & critters, beaded rings, beaded bobby pins, beaded gloves & fun fur chenille gloves. Check out my Etsy site for more details & pictures of the items listed. . The boxes are only $23.00 - wow - I am getting one, I hope to find some great gifts for Christmas.

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Stephanie Burciaga-Kellermann said...

Kim, thanks for the info about the little black box. I had not heard of it. I'll check it out. I also wanted to thank you again for featuring my item on Etsy, and I plugged your name into one of my blog posts so people can see your shop.